Creating a clever brand identity for a courageous woman

The challenge

After overcoming non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which she was diagnosed with in 2012, Freya Rodger was determined to rebuild her health and fitness. Day by day she increased her endurance and improved her stamina until she felt confident to get back into amateur sporting competitions.

With her confidence strong and fitness improved Freya decided to try her hand at every sporting event open to women at the Rio Olympics in 2016. This is where we came in to create an event brand for Freya that reflected the honestly of a real woman challenging her ability on her own terms to raise community consciousness about people dealing with cancer.

The solution

We started by developing a proprietary name for Freya’s challenge. It was essential that it spoke genuinely about what she was doing and resonated with the media, supporters and community. We worked closely with Freya to ensure that she was comfortable with where we were heading and after a number of iterations ‘Freyathlon’ was the clear winner.

"The team at Living took time to understand what I was trying to do with my Olympic sporting challenge and to understand me! I was really impressed with their approach – I always felt like I was getting the care and attention they gave to their major clients."

The visual identity was designed to show the blood, sweat and tears effort that went into the events. The diverse letterform type marque, visceral continuity graphics and bespoke mascot character culminated in a cohesive visual identity with a distressed aesthetic.

The result

The Freyathlon brand identity gave Freya a solid launch pad for her personal challenge and represented her faithfully in the national media, online and at her events. 

Throughout her 100+ events Freya wore her colours with pride and her brand identity drove enduring recognition from supporters and the media.

"Freyathlon as a project name, was inspired and captured the essence of my Olympic sporting challenge."