Asset Manager Ratings Full Report 2020

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Whose stock has risen?

14 October 2020

In our 28th and very latest edition of Living Ratings, we’ve rated and ranked the brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading asset managers, evaluating in excess of 100 criteria in our most thorough and toughest research analysis to date.

On a positive note, we see a sector starting to fully embrace technology and understand the power of their brands, driven by the need to change the way they market themselves and do business during a global pandemic. As a result many of the leading firms deliver purposeful and engaging online experiences that genuinely help their target audiences.

On the flip side, our research shows that many of the lower ranked firms need to be far more determined and less distracted. Our data clearly shows that they still don't fully understand brand or digital. This leaves us wondering if they know who their target audiences are (let alone who they themselves are). These stragglers don’t seem to even know what content they should be delivering. Worse, they seem to be unaware that the world has shifted on its axis.

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See whose brand and digital stock is ‘blue chip’ and whose value is now 'junk.' Read about the digital trends that accentuate brand difference and learn about the six big opportunities to improve your brand and digital intelligence in 2021.

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