Dianomi. Right place, time, and content. Now, right brand.

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Dianomi. Right place, time, and content.

05 August 2020

Technology specialist Dianomi is a global leader in high quality online native advertising for the financial services and technology sectors, as well as B2B corporate clients. They approached Living to bridge the gap between what their previous brand looked like and represented and who they have become today as a standout competitor.

Our strategy team kicked off the project by conducting discovery workshops with Dianomi’s team, interviewing several of their key global clients, and undertaking a critical-eyed competitive review. We quickly established that Dianomi’s ‘unfair advantage’ was their advertising technology itself, which ensures that the right content is seen in the right publication, at the right time, by the right audiences.

We then started our creative process by crafting brand messaging that would both galvanise the brand with Dianomi’s employees and attract clients to engage with the firm and the opportunities devised by their technology.

The creative rationale for the new brand positions Dianomi as a premium tech firm that provides a highly relevant and brand-safe product. The firm’s new logo and the supporting visual language use overlapping lines that represent the unique contextual nature of Dianomi’s product, as well as the seamless service their clients receive – through both the online ad delivery experience and the personal attention of the Dianomi team.

The visual language we created includes icons and thought-provoking imagery that work across presentations, animations and the firm’s website. Colour usage is deliberately limited, to communicate the premium nature of the new brand and to further emphasise the control that Dianomi’s clients – advertisers and publishers – have over the native advertising relationship.

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