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We help transform international property consultants too… but who?

10 December 2019

We strive to create difference across the various sectors we work in and when we were asked to transform a firm’s brand from the property world we were extremely excited to help out. But who are they you ask…?

Gerald Eve is a firm of property consultants based in the UK with an international alliance of independent real estate advisors covering Europe and major US markets. Clients come to Gerald Eve for independent, intelligent and bespoke property advice which is supported by their deep market and sector knowledge.

Gerald Eve approached us to create a brand identity that reflects their status as leading experts, whilst profiling distinctive cultural attributes around strong business ethics, a client-centric approach and a friendly, interconnected people business.

This was an exciting new project which provided us the challenge to create an identity that has an aspirational edge to and whereby Gerald Eve are perceived as the thinking client’s choice.

Our journey with Gerald Eve began with a discovery session to get consensus on where the firm stands and where it’s heading. The insight gathered became the foundation for our brief which guided the strategic positioning along with the brand creative. Its important to add, the logo wasn’t changed.

Our creative idea centred around Gerald Eve’s visual identity needing to better express who they are as a property consultancy. The design would present them as a firm of real substance, expressing a sense of quality and prestige but in a more reserved manner. We also leveraged the idea of empathy which is a more genuine attribute that helps build relationships and influences the decency and conscientiousness that drives partner interactions with their clients and each other.

To bring this to life through design we developed an identity system inspired by Gerald Eve’s as leading experts and influencers to the built environment. Detail was an important aspect so we designed a dynamic and flexible illustration style using lines and shapes supported by a fresh new colour palette. This idea formed a flexible system that brought consistency across print and digital collateral and was integral in the design of a brand new website improving user experience and a refreshed design interface.

We’re elated to announce that the Gerald Eve’s website went live today and they are continuing to inspire their clients and employees who work with them. For us at Living, Gerald Eve continue to be a progressive force in real estate who apply a fresh perspective and specialist knowledge to the guidance they give clients, delivering the right result which in turn sustains long and trusted relationships.

To see the new Gerald Eve brand in action visit

If you would like to know more about how we can bring your brand to life online, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Kevin Windorf in New York or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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