Law firm ratings 2020

Law firms flex brand strength online

16 April 2020

We’re publishing our 27th Ratings report during unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged companies, including law firms, to quickly re-evaluate how they conduct business, how they take care of both clients and employees – basically, how they stay ‘open for business’. As a result, we believe that the brand and digital intelligence of law firms has never been so critical to the sustainability of the sector. Without face-to-face interaction where do clients go for assurance about their law firm relationship?

Living’s annual Ratings report, creates an opportunity for law firms around the world to learn how to improve or enhance their brand and digital intelligence. We review, rate and rank the websites and social media channels of the top 100 global law firms, using our proprietary research and a demanding set of criteria. Our 2020 report shows a definite improvement across the sector, driven by several new law firm brands that launched over the prior 12 months and many other firms working hard to enhance specific elements of their digital presence.

The opportunity
Brand and websites need to work harder, faster and smarter than ever before, and be flexible to accommodate fast-to-market content. Our comprehensive report shows exactly which law firms were well-positioned for this unexpected turn of events – and which firms need to invest strongly in their online presence during 2020.

Access the report
Download Living Ratings to see the revealing rankings of your global competitors and read about our 6 imperatives on how to make your firm’s digital intelligence stand apart as a leader.

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