LinkedIn Top Voices 2020 shouts success for CFA Institute

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LinkedIn Top Voices 2020 shouts success for CFA Institute

08 December 2020

At the end of November, LinkedIn announced its list of ‘Top Voices’ – those business influencers whose social media presence made a difference in 2020. We’re proud to say, Margaret Franklin, President & CEO, CFA Institute was named to the list for the Finance & Economy category.

For the past two years, Living has been working closely with CFA Institute on developing and implementing a highly engaging social media campaign to promote the thought leadership of the organisation’s CEO.

When Margaret Franklin took the reins of CFA Institute in the fall of 2019, she was a self-described novice at social media, with only about 4,000 followers on LinkedIn. But Living quickly customised a platform-specific programme, including a robust editorial calendar, that we would manage with multiple posts each week on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

With an emphasis on short video clips, written, directed and edited by Living in collaboration with the CFA Institute media comms team, the programme quickly found traction among its global audience. Followers and targeted connections were added daily, and Marg Franklin’s account grew exponentially.

Throughout 2020, Living worked with the CFA Institute team to maintain a steady flow of content, varying the posts with strategic themes, such as Ethics and Diversity, along with topical insights, like the impact of Covid on the global economy. We curated content from different sources, ranging from speeches and podcasts to surveys and reports. In each case, we emphasised the branded look and feel we created for Marg’s programme, which aligned with the brand guidelines for CFA Institute. Most importantly, we never lost sight of the objective to brandish Marg Franklin’s social media presence as a targeted means of enhancing the global visibility of CFA Institute itself.

As a result of our concerted, strategic effort, LinkedIn named Margaret Franklin a “Top Voice” for the Finance & Economy category, in recognition of the quality and engagement of her postings. Living is proud to be a true partner with the CFA Institute team in the success of this programme.

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