Merian CoCos Campaign

Helping Merian launch a new investment product

10 September 2019

In today’s uncertain markets, many investors are seeking funds that combine attractive yields with low volatility. To address this demand, Merian Global Investors (formerly known as Old Mutual Global Investors) launched its 'Cocos' bonds product, contingent convertible bonds from high-quality issuers that offer a regular fixed income. They asked us to create a highly visible launch campaign that would speak directly to the target market across Asia.

Playing on the word 'Coco', we came up with a coconut tree as a bold and playful visual that suggests bearing regular fruit, together with stability and resilience. This was strikingly rendered in the brand’s Geomag signature imagery and green corporate colour.

The headline 'Investment Yield Ripe For Your Portfolio' was then developed to tie in with the coconut imagery and core promise. The bilingual campaign, which ran in Singapore and Hong Kong, featured a wide range of media that worked in combination to cost-effectively deliver high impact: print ads, magazine coverwraps, online page takeover banners, escalator wall stickers, tram body wraps, and tram shelter hoardings were all thoughtfully deployed. The creative executions really stood out in a cluttered category, conveying the key benefit in an engaging, relevant and single-minded way.

For more information on our how we can raise awareness of your investment products through an integrated campaign, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Kevin Windorf in New York or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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