Professional services ratings 2020: it’s time to measure up

Professional services ratings 2020: it’s time to measure up

06 February 2020

For the 26th edition of Living Ratings, we’ve rated and ranked the brand and digital intelligence of the UK’s Top 20 professional services firms, scrutinising their publicly available digital channels across nearly 100 criteria.

It is reassuring to see that more and more marketers are rethinking the dated view that positive corporate performance negates the need for broader quality communications. That said, we firmly believe that the intensely competitive marketplace makes it more important than ever for professional service firms to clearly express points of difference via their brand positioning and values. We found the vital ‘who they are’, ‘what they do’ and ‘why it matters’ content either missing or hidden away.

Visit our Living Ratings portal to download a complimentary copy of the full Living Ratings report and rankings. See who’s on top of their game and who’s on the sidelines. Read about the digital trends that drive brand difference and learn about the six big opportunities to improve your brand and digital intelligence.

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