Rede partners There comes a time in every brand’s life…

There comes a time in every brand’s life…

28 October 2019

It’s always inspiring when we speak with clients who’ve reached a milestone in their journey. For them it’s often a time for reflection on what they’ve achieved, where they are now and where they see themselves in the future. Rede Partners had experienced rapid growth over their first 8 years but come to the realisation that they had out grown their ‘start-up’ identity and needed to reposition themselves as a notable, high-calibre firm that adds significant strategic value to a select number of stand-out clients. 

Since inception in 2011, Rede has advised on primary fundraising and secondaries aggregating over €29 billion for its clients. With a very well-resourced 60+ person team based in offices in London and New York, Rede had established a rigorous approach combining focus, a comprehensive service offering across the entire spectrum of investor-facing activities, and a long-term relationship-based business development perspective. However from a brand perspective there was a mismatch between the existing public face of Rede and the credibility and distinction that they commanded in the marketplace.

To bridge this gap in brand perception we needed to dig deep into Rede’s business to uncover exactly what fuelled this winning formula. This began with a discovery session where we interviewed senior stakeholders at Rede to understand how they saw themselves in today and in the future, what their client dynamics were and what their point of difference was – all through the client lens.

It became clear that Rede’s effect was the pivotal interaction between General  Partners looking for ways to grow their firm and Limited Partners seeking the very best investment opportunities. This inspired our creative concept which positions Rede Partners as a catalyst that accelerates superior results between the right partners by focussing and crafting compelling propositions that translate into successful outcomes.

From this foundation we developed a brand marque that expresses the integral relationship between Rede and its partners and a visual system that worked on the dynamics of Rede’s interactions with clients; where two segments inspired by the letterforms in the marque intersect with a defined focal point at its centre – emulating the Rede effect. This design solution worked with a fresh new colour palette and a conceptual image library that together formed a flexible system that brought consistency across on and offline collateral. Moreover the system was integral in the design of a more compelling website that showcases the thoughtful nature of the firm and their unique involvement in the community.

We’re extremely pleased that Rede now have a brand that more accurately describes who they are, what they do and why they matter to clients. For us, Rede Partners can continue to lead confidently in the marketplace and the new brand perfectly reflects the gravitas of which they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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