Reimagining SSGA’s Defined Contribution content

Reimagining SSGA’s Defined Contribution content

01 July 2020

A critical component of SSGA’s content strategy to engage its institutional audiences – as well as to equip its internal account teams – is The Participant, a printed magazine packed with Defined Contribution (DC) insight, mailed to client offices and used at face-to-face meetings.

But it’s a global pandemic. There are no in-person meetings, and people are working from home around the world. So what do you do?

It’s no surprise that SSGA decided to push The Participant’s content completely online. But publishing a simple pdf wouldn’t be good enough to convey the value of this content and truly engage SSGA’s audience. Living’s team of designers worked with our client to help reimagine the content and deliver it as a series of informative articles, insightful opinion pieces and practical solutions in a fresh captivating digital experience.

We created a spotlight profile on Chris Gardner, famously featured in the Will Smith motion picture “The Pursuit of Happyness,”, as he talks about life, responsibility and retirement. We designed the infographic for a, 5-point plan for sponsors called the Retirement Income Roadmap, which shows them how to evaluate their plans, define success and measure progress. Across the content series, we offered varied digital, interactive designs on a wide range of DC topics.

More DC-related articles are planned to follow over the coming months, helping SSGA’s account teams engage with their clients with content that’s useful and relevant —in a format custom-made for our new world order.

If you’d like to find out how we can bring your content to life in an effective way, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York , Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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