T Rowe Price ESG Animation

Animating T. Rowe Price’s ESG integrated investing story

30 July 2020

Walking an institutional audience through your multi-stage investment process can be a tall order – and holding their attention the whole time even taller. Layer in the fact that your process involves a proprietary system specific to the hyper-focused ESG space and you have a critical challenge to solve.

That’s why global asset manager T. Rowe Price turned to Living for help in creating an engaging, standout animated video to tell the story of their Responsible Investing Indicator Model. RIIM builds environmental, social and ethical profiles of more than 14,000 securities, allowing T. Rowe Price to use this data as the building blocks of an investment thesis – alongside financial, economic and industry related insights. Overall, T. Rowe Price uses RIIM to drive a three-step process for integrating ESG factors into their investment recommendations and decisions.

Conveying such intricate information requires a strong narrative supported by an attractive visual style. And that’s exactly what we delivered!

Using the firm’s product details, we first created a script that emphasised the detail behind the model and the benefits it brings to their target audience. We then storyboarded and created an elegant yet playful animation, using T. Rowe Price’s distinctive brand elements to allow the story to unfold, visually highlighting each of RIIM’s key points of differentiation and showing how they go beyond the numbers.

You can watch the animated video on T. Rowe Price’s website.

To find out how we can bring your products, solutions and brand to life through animation, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.


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