Take a walk on the wild side

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Take a walk on the wild side

14 January 2021

For the third consecutive year, we are delighted to announce that Living has been appointed as the ‘Creative Agency of Record’ for the 27th Annual FCS Portfolio Awards.

Our work with the Financial Communications Society has already started with the creation of a striking and ‘wild’ event brand, based on animal patterns and messaging that directly challenges this year’s entrants.

Like the best of brands, animal patterns found in nature are distinctive and purposeful. They can be colourful and loud or subtle and effective – but they are always awe-inspiring. Our mark recognises the unexpected, if not untamed, environment that challenged all marketers in 2020.

Did they create work that stood out from their competitors? Did they win over the hearts and minds of their target audiences? Did they pivot their imagery, tone and voice to be more in line with the vagaries of 2020? Those who did so successfully will be recognised by the Portfolio Awards. In adversity, there’s always opportunity.

Simple, eye-catching and wildly effective, our branding for the 27th Annual FCS Portfolio Awards is the centrepiece for all of the competition’s visual activity, digital and physical, from this week’s call for entries announcements, through to the winners’ online journal and expected in-person awards gala in New York City this September.

If you would like your marketing and communications to take a walk on the wild side, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York , Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

About the FCS Portfolio Awards
The prestigious FCS Portfolio Awards recognises creative excellence in financial marketing and communications and is judged by 50 senior executives from across the industry. Find out more.