Travers Smith

A refreshingly unique brand that’s not just about law

08 October 2019

We’ve worked with a number of different law firms around the world and during our first conversations we’re always excited about where we can enhance or even revolutionise their brands. Often we see similarities in what firms are trying to achieve and how they see themselves. When we first met with Travers Smith it was clear that this was an independently minded firm of unique individuals who truly wanted to make a difference in the legal marketplace.

With every conversation we had during our discovery phase it became more apparent that these were highly enthusiastic people who saw the work they do as being pivotal to their clients’ business success and were passionate about treating their clients’ challenges as their own. 

The brand however no longer accurately reflected the firm and the talent within. Their independence enabled them to forge a unique culture where deep commercial insight and progressive mindsets delivered a premium client experience. It was now time to let these qualities shine through a compelling new brand identity.

We worked closely with the team at Travers Smith to make sure that our ideas aligned with the true nature of the firm. Adapting an agile process with the marketing team at first, we developed creative concepts and invited them to engage, critique and guide. Our collaboration with Travers Smith inspired us and led to work that sincerely reflected them as diverse individuals and legal experts.  

The winning idea positions Travers Smith as a firm that integrates totally with their clients’ world. Our word marque featured a circle icon that joined together both names in the title, reflecting the pivotal role Travers Smith plays in clients’ successes. We also developed a striking, minimalist visual language that emulated the straightforward, impactful advice delivered by the lawyers alongside a smarter messaging system that brought the firm’s voice to life. 

This striking visual system was designed to adjust volume according to the communication. We developed colour conventions that would work across print and digital executions amplifying visual impact where desired. The Travers Smith website and overall digital identity was revolutionised to better fit their clients’ needs. Bespoke illustrations create continuity across the entire brand and express a sense of personality that resonates with sectors and practice areas.

Our close working relationship with the Travers Smith in-house team enabled a diversity of collateral to be deployed effectively and consistently across the firm. Templates and visual standards established during this team effort now safeguard the quality and aesthetics of the visual brand.

The identity has been deployed across a broad range of literature, business development templates, internal communications, social media assets and presentation materials. The Travers Smith office environments have also been refreshed with sophisticated brand signage and way finding.  

We’re delighted that Travers Smith now have a brand that truly reflects the collective intelligence and culture within the firm, with a website that delivers a significantly more engaging and intuitive digital experience. It’s been a fantastic journey with the team at Travers Smith who’ve worked with us to create an identity that goes beyond law. 

Check out the new Travers Smith website in action or view our case study to find out more.

If you would like to know more about how we can refresh your brand, please contact Greg Hobden in LondonKevin Windorf in New York or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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