Why is brand and digital intelligence critical to law firms?

Why is brand and digital intelligence critical to law firms?

05 March 2019

Living Group helps law firms understand and improve their brand and digital intelligence through the proprietary research we conduct each year, reviewing, rating and ranking the online presence of the world's leading 100 law firms. Our 2019 report is being finalised, but already the results are reinforcing the important role that a firm’s dotcom and social media channels play in telling their corporate story.

In what will be our 24th Ratings report, we’ve again taken a deep dive into a sector that is changing at a rapid pace and is being disrupted on many fronts.

Leading brands and digital experiences do not stand still, and neither does the methodology of our annual Ratings. This year we have raised the bar once again, making our criteria tougher than ever before, adding new brand-driven metrics and adjusting the weighting of our scoring to reflect relevant changes in the industry.

The results are fascinating, with clear trends appearing across a range of functionality and content elements. And while there’s evidence that the leaders take brand and digital intelligence quite seriously,  too many others continue to neglect how their firm is experienced online. 

Our comprehensive report is being readied for publication, so watch this space to find out how your law firm’s brand and digital intelligence rises above… or falls below.

In the meantime, you would like to find out how your firm fared last year, visit our Living Ratings hub and download a copy of our 2018 report.

If you would like to know more about Living Ratings or our digital diagnostic analysis, please contact Duncan Shaw in London, Kevin Windorf in New York or Aliena Lai in Hong Kong.

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