Why Living is backing a boxer

Why Living is backing a boxer

08 July 2019

Whether you’re building a corporate brand or a personal brand, you begin with the real-life, breathing story found at the very core.

Living has worked with many wonderful brands over the past 15 years, helping them to craft their narratives of both design and messaging. From defining relentless aggressive creativity for law firm Kasowitz to the extolling the bold simplicity of Russell Investments, we are excited to align with brands bursting with grit and determination.

These are the qualities we have found in a young woman named Cherrelle Brown – who just happens to be a boxer!

Based in London, Cherrelle is an undefeated professional boxer and boxing coach. Before turning pro last year, she had earned four National titles over six years and 36 bouts, winning numerous medals for England as an amateur in international tournaments.

Cherrelle turned to boxing and fitness as a means of getting her life on track. She has said, “Sport saved me! It changed me and re-moulded me into a person with more opportunity.” In brand parlance, she decided to own her narrative. She became focused on her competitive goals and enrolled herself in fitness and personal training courses. She trains twice a day in addition to leading her coaching sessions.

The result of her commitment, discipline and hard work has been a dynamic personality who packs a punch not only in the ring but with all her fitness students – and every person she meets.

Cherrelle’s story is one of diversity (she’s one bold woman in a traditional man’s sport!), tenacity and self-awareness. Her narrative is downright inspirational, her brand is clearly defined and winning!

Because Living Group is deeply involved in our greater communities – where we work and live and play – as evidenced by the award-winning work we did for Spitalfields City Farm in 2018, we’re proud to play a role in Cherrelle’s story.

We have become an official sponsor of Cherrelle’s quest for the WBC International Belt at York Hall in London on Saturday 20th July 2019.

We can’t follow Cherrelle into the ring, but as part of our own brand narrative, Living Group is proud to stand beside our clients everyday as they go toe-to-toe with their marketing challenges.

For more information about Cherrelle, visit her website and YouTube Channel.

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