Continue to invest in your brand

Continue to invest in your brand

13 May 2020

Stay invested, your brand needs you
In times of turbulence, your brand becomes a North Star – guiding and welcoming your clients. You need to ensure it’s as bright as can be. Is it? What about the brilliance of your website? It’s the digital incarnation of your brand. Does it deliver the right experience?

What does success look like?
Successful companies nurture and reinforce their brands constantly. And they mind their websites and social channels with a continual regard for how they engage their clients. Leaders don’t invest and walk away – they stay invested.

With every edition of Living Ratings, our proprietary research report, we see how the firms that stay atop their sector do so by developing their brand and digital intelligence. They command the narrative of ‘who we are, what we do, why we matter.’ They put their clients’ needs front and centre in how they tell their story. And when we see firms leapfrog their competitors, it’s because they’ve given new attention to how their brand comes alive – in a digital experience that balances compelling content with effective functionality. But to stay ahead, they must stay invested.

Time for reflection
So, if you look in the mirror do you need to invest in your brand, digital expression and content to address this? We invite you to read our recent Ratings reports on law firms and asset managers for recommendations on how to keep your brand and digital intelligence serving your business strategy.

Duncan Shaw – Executive Creative Director, Living Group

It’s good to talk
If you’d like to talk about your brand and digital intelligence, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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