Developing digital acumen

Developing digital acumen

02 April 2019

In our latest Law Firm Ratings, we discuss the potential of brand intelligence for law firms. Equally important to brand is digital acumen, and the thoughtful use of a law firm’s digital footprint will help amplify their brand.

In a sector where evidence is critical, our latest Law Firm Ratings show that the leading firms use their websites to deliver to their target audiences issues-based insights, case studies, tools and well-structured people pages, written with one client-first tone of voice and available in a variety of media, not just endless screens of text. However, these law firms are the few amongst the many, with the vast majority serving up bland cookie cutter and indistinguishable content that fails to engage or inspire.

When it comes to search, the best law firms serve up enriched and fast results that are filtered and make it easy for their users to find what they’re looking for. The worst just provide lists, leaving the user to search again by scrolling through suggested answer after answer. What does this say about their firm?

Website SEO is also one of the pillars of digital wisdom, with our leaders again placing great emphasis on ensuring their content is not just tagged and described correctly, but written with search engines in mind – succinct, relevant and timely.

A clear content strategy sits at the heart of digital intelligence – using your website and social media channels, not as a dumping ground for every word created by the firm, but as carefully curated outlets with different content delivered to each targeted audience segment. Our advice? Do less, but do it better. The mantra law firms should adopt is to fight the excess of clutter and noise.

Investment in brand and digital intelligence empowers firms to take the pole position in a bustling marketplace and opens up a more genuine dialogue with audiences, both incumbent and prospective.

This viewpoint has been extracted from our latest Living Ratings – the brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading law firms 2019. To download a copy please visit our Living Ratings content hub.

If you would like to know more about Living Ratings or how we can create award-winning and evidence-driven brands and digital experiences for your firm, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Kevin Windorf in New York or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.