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Opportunity knocks. Right now. 

20 August 2020

Every opportunity, a new beginning
Over the past few months we’ve shared a series of insights and recommendations on how to ensure your brand and digital presence are as strong as can be.
Our premise was that the global pandemic and resultant lockdowns across service businesses that rely so much on in-person activity would challenge two critical areas: brand loyalty and digital engagement on web and social. All these weeks later and our belief is now conviction.
Your audiences – beloved clients, critical prospects – are looking to you for the fortitude of your brand and the clarity of who you are, what you do and why you matter. (And add in, when they find you – online – they expect clear information, even inspiration.)

How to seize this moment
In our weekly emails (now available to download here), we recommended how to invest in your brand and rally your messaging around a defined purpose. We encouraged you to be strategic in your content development and distribution, and to do so with the right tone of voice. We suggested you focus on your people and make their role a prominent part of your narrative. And when telling your stories, balance this evidence with a digital functionality that deepens user experience and allegiance. Lastly, we implored you to embrace technology like SEO, voice search, interactive tools and data visualisation that will attract, deliver, and sustain your client relationships.
There is so much to be done, now and moving forward. Why? Because that’s opportunity you hear knocking. Let us offer these additional actionable ideas to propel you towards success:

  • Surface intellectual capital and show pride in your firm’s collective spirit and ethos.
  • Be credible and authentic – set your marketing around principles that capture your firm’s unique personality.
  • Challenge your brand constantly so it evolves to meet the needs of your changing sector and the world at large.
  • Optimise your investment in technology by right-sizing it for your needs – as well as your ambitions. Don’t let value-added functions lie idle.
  • Keep on top of your social strategy: be seen and heard where appropriate. But always be listening.
  • Don’t forget that a brand marketing strategy is only successful if it advances a business strategy. All your content and comms work should be feeding the funnel. Your brand should fuel your business. Period. 

Download your free copy
Our views are now available as a PDF – please download here.

Thank you for reading
For 16 years, Living has helped financial, professional services and technology clients of all sizes improve their brand and digital intelligence. If you’d like to discuss how we can help your brand activate any of the insights we’ve shared, please reach out to: Greg Hobden in London, Duncan Shaw in New York, or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong. We’re ready to help you create difference.

Kate Shaw, Co-Founder & CEO