The importance of evidence and engagement

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The importance of evidence and engagement

20 May 2020

With your clients’ daily screen-time skyrocketing, information architecture (IA) and user experiences (UX) are of paramount importance. Is your digital functionality as useful as it can be? And is the content it’s delivering pertinent to your stakeholders' needs?

Where to begin?
Successful companies that take a determined approach to digital intelligence have a relentless client focus that drives long-term, meaningful relationships. Their winning formula balances two key elements: Engagement (website functionality & social media channel strategy) and Evidence (brand and content).

They offer informative brand-driven messaging that shows a deep understanding of client issues and interests. Intuitive search, guided navigation and UX surface intellectual capital in a variety of media, including infographics, video, animation, and audio, designed to captivate, educate and motivate their audiences. Lastly, they don’t do it in a vacuum. They make sure their website is backed by a targeted social media channel strategy, to inform and inspire new and existing stakeholders.

Brand intelligence, now more than ever
We invite you to read our recent Living Ratings reports on law firmsasset managers and professional services firms for more insights on how to make your brand and digital intelligence the right, up-to-date fit for your business strategy.

Future proofing your brand
If you’d like to talk about updating your online presence or refreshing your brand for the new world order, please email Greg Hobden in London, Duncan Shaw in New York, or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

Duncan Shaw – Executive Creative Director, Living Group