Why your content needs interactivity and visualisation

Is it time to transform your data?

13 July 2020

Content and interactivity, a royal marriage

Content is the self-proclaimed king – but he doesn’t often worry about visitors to his castle!

What’s the best way to tell your story and deliver your content?

Marketers in financial and professional services firms are frequently challenged with distributing reams of complex information – they work for content factories after all. But their audiences don’t want to sift through dozens of pages of white paper pdfs or boundless spreadsheets to understand the message.

A single image or graphic is worth a thousand words, but an effective infographic or a well-produced short animation or video can teach a lesson or express a point of view. That immediately raises the bar for content delivery.

But, wouldn’t you want to do an even better job of engaging your audience?

Enter the realm of interactivity
You might be the one with all the knowledge and insight to share, but it’s your clients who truly rule the kingdom. And you can win their favour by empowering them with data visualisation and interactive tools.

When your story lives within data-heavy content, you can unleash it by allowing your clients to engage with that content and recognise for themselves the relevance of your purpose and perspective.

By creating a tool – be it a dashboard, a console, a matrix, etc. – you enable them to interact with your data and become part of their narrative. By using visualisation – colourful, animated, moving images – you capture their attention, win their engagement and helping is selling after all!

Keys to the kingdom
At Living, our designers and strategists have been working with global brands to develop useful and visually stunning tools that manifest data in creative expressions that can be quickly and seamlessly manipulated by their clients for customised results.

We help these brands surface the important datapoints of their content through an interrogative process that translates the most complex content into a compelling memorable experience. And the digital solutions we devise come wrapped in analytics, to provide the metrics that ensure your clients are dwelling on your website, delving into your content, and appreciating your brand at an even higher level. We do this whilst integrating these new tools within existing brand guidelines and website architecture.

If you’d like to discuss how to engage your clients and prospects through an exciting, interactive expression of your content, please reach out to: Greg Hobden in London, Duncan Shaw in New York, or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong and we’ll give you a call.

Timothy Nanan, Head of Development & Operations 

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