Enabling a start-up investment manager to stand out from the crowd

The challenge

When start-up fund manager Eleva Capital briefed the Living Group brand team in 2014, they sought to achieve genuine stand out from the crowd to attract long-term institutional investors. 

With over ten years experience working with clients in the alternative investment space, we have developed a reputation for asking the right questions to help shape a response that drives real differentiation.

The solution

Our approach for Eleva involved the creation of a distinctive and eye-catching brand system that reflected the firm's personality – and its founders' love of pop art. Drawing its inspiration from the structure of a family tree and hexagonal forms, it powerfully symbolised the grounded and professional nature of the business.

Our choice of typeface used rounded accents to mirror the circular quality of the brand mark, communicating the firm’s approachable and collaborative ways of working.

The result

Following the creation of the new visual identity, we designed and developed a fully responsive investor-facing website for Eleva, enabling the brand to communicate its service offering and give wider profile to the Eleva Foundation, a long term partnership with Unicef UK.

Since launch, Eleva's funds have performed positively and the new brand has helped attract both new investors and talent, with the Absolute Return Europe Fund now managing over £50m (Source: Absolute Hedge, 28 July 2017).