2021 – The brand and digital intelligence of the world's leading asset managers

In our 31st edition of Living Ratings, we’ve rated and ranked the brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading asset managers through the eyes of an intermediary target audience, evaluating more than 100 criteria in our most thorough and toughest research analysis to date.

We’re now 20 months into the pandemic and getting used to the “new normal.” Welcome to the world of hybrid working, continued digital communications, limited face-to-face contact (in the working world anyway) and, dare we say it, digital fatigue.

As the title of our 2021 Asset Manager Ratings report says, this is no time to hide as progressive asset managers embrace digital and have innovation in their sights. As ever, time moves on and so should the asset management sector.

Having seen a vast improvement in brand and digital intelligence across the board in 2020, what does this year bring? Download our report and find out who stands out and who is hiding in plain sight.

Want to find out how your firm has rated?
If you would like to discuss where your firm has ranked and the analysis behind the score, please contact Mark Stephenson to arrange a meeting with one of our Ratings specialists in the U.S., Europe or Asia.

Download the report (UK English) | Download the report (U.S. English)

LG Ratings AM 2021 Cover