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Delivering a positive digital impact 08 August 2022

We are delighted to announce that clients CFA Institute, State Street Global Advisors and TLT have all been shortlisted for prestigious Digital Impact Awards Europe 2022, receiving four nominations between them.

For each of these clients we brought to life their digital experiences through distinctive branding or use of their brand, thoughtful content, and useful functionality, helping each firm successfully reach their target audiences and deliver a positive digital impact.

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Hard-working paid search strategy increases brand awareness 29 July 2022

To support the launch of its new brand and website created by Living, UK law firm Cripps needed a campaign that would put them the top of mind for their target audience and, most importantly, at the top of Google search results.

Through extensive competitor and market research, our team identified the key objectives and developed a strategy that would deliver meaningful results.

Outbidding the competitors
The legal industry is one of the most competitive sectors on Google and legal services have some of the highest cost-per-clicks among all ads. The keywords ‘Lawyer’ and ‘Attorney’ are also among the top 10 most expensive search terms.

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GA4: Are you prepared for the transition? 11 July 2022

Mark the date 1st July, 2023 in your diary. The new version of Google Analytics – GA4 – is coming and you’ll need to be ready for a new way of analysing and reporting on your data. Migrating will take time and development resource, so don’t wait until the last minute to make the transition

The current version of Google Analytics, more commonly referred to as Universal Analytics, was developed for an era when people did not use multiple devices to browse the internet. Today, people are logging in on phones, tablets, personal laptops and work computers. Plus, with the end of third-party cookies and new privacy & data laws being implemented globally, it was clear Google needed to create GA4 to keep up with the changing business landscape.

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For business and life, a new brand story beckons for Cripps 27 June 2022

Brands succeed when they’re authentic. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be aspirational and ambitious as well. Establish a clearly defined brand – all that you can be for your clients – and work hard to align your complete client experience with that identity.

Following the merger between law firms Cripps and Pemberton Greenish in 2018, the company became known as Cripps Pemberton Greenish but planned to return to the original Cripps name once the full integration of the two firms had completed. What they hadn’t anticipated was how much the world and their business would change between 2018 and 2022. It was clear that in reverting to their shorter name, they also needed to refresh their brand and visual identity to reflect the firm as a unified, purpose-driven business.

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Hogan Lovells website redesign

Helping a global law firm to Grow, Protect and Innovate 08 June 2022

Businesses such as law firms and other professional services companies face a tricky challenge when it comes to their websites: how do you provide all the information that establishes your expertise, capabilities and thought leadership without overwhelming your visitors with a flood of content gushing from too many taps? 

Such was the challenge for Hogan Lovells. As the 11th largest law firm in the world by revenue, with more than 45 offices in over 22 countries around the world, Hogan Lovells will never run out of content for their website. But how to streamline and organise it so that a visitor would recognise Hogan Lovells as “solving complex problems at the intersection of business and government around the world”?

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Covington. The power of partnership 20 May 2022

The power of partnership and collaboration was rewarded this week with law firm Covington winning a prestigious Webby Award 2022 for its new website. 

Covington is a global AMLaw 50 firm with over 1,300 lawyers in 13 offices. They turned to our team and their web development partners RDA to work in collaboration and create an online experience that would allow them to showcase their litigation, investigations, and corporate practices, with a deep knowledge of policy and policymakers as one of the world’s leading regulatory practices.

Furthermore, the same collaborative culture at the heart of Covington enables the firm to create novel solutions for their clients’ most complex problems and deliver commercially viable advice of the highest quality.​

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