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Compelling content that adds value 18 December 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Living clients Akin and Mazars have received six nominations for the Corporate Content Awards 2024, recognising the critical role content plays in our clients’ brand storytelling and marketing strategies.

Our shortlists span a range of categories, demonstrating that content can, and should be, used in diverse and interesting ways to engage with your target audience, whether it be for a brand, product or service.

We are excited to share that Akin's vibrant law firm brand, is shortlisted for…

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Communicating SSGA's investment insight with confidence 13 December 2023

The launch of a global market outlook (GMO) marks an important milestone for all asset managers, with firms looking to provide investors and industry professionals with valuable perspectives on key market trends and investment opportunities for the coming year.

But how do asset managers stand out in a sea of sameness? How do they turn the volume up in a crowded and noisy market to get their viewpoint across?

This was State Street Global Advisors’ (SSGA) challenge, one that our team helped solve with impressive results.

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It’s AMMA time for AB 04 December 2023

Living Group client AllianceBernstein (AB) has clinched a coveted Gramercy Institute AMMA Award 2023 for their AB ETFs ‘On Active Duty’ campaign.

The Gramercy Institute's Asset Management Marketing Awards (AMMA) are esteemed in the financial industry, celebrating excellence in marketing efforts that drive business success.


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AB Sees ETFs like no other 27 November 2023

Following the highly successful launch of AllianceBernstein's first ETFs in 2022, supported by our team's ‘On Active Duty’ campaign, this month has marked the introduction of a new campaign that spotlights AB's expanding range of funds and their expertise in discovering investment opportunities for their clients.

Not all asset managers perceive opportunities in the same way, but AB sees them clearly, understands their investors' needs, and discerns the intricacies through a well-established research-driven approach.

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Living Ratings Of Asset Managers 2023

Living Ratings of asset managers 2023: The rise of the machines 16 November 2023

Today sees the release of the highly anticipated and latest edition of our comprehensive research report on the world's Top 100 asset managers.

The Living Ratings of asset managers 2023 is an in-depth analysis that evaluates and ranks these firms based on their brand presence and digital strategies. This edition provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the asset management industry, highlighting successes and areas for improvement.

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Aligning Odgers Berndtson’s website with their brand ethos 07 November 2023

Odgers Berndtson faced a significant challenge in aligning their online presence with their dynamic and purpose-driven brand ethos. As a distinguished global firm specialising in executive search, interim management, talent assessment, and leadership development, Odgers Berndtson aimed to distance themselves from the traditional image of a recruitment company and sought the help of Living Group to execute a refresh of their website.

The existing website, which had been in use since 2016, posed a series of challenges that hindered Odgers Berndtson's aspirations and market positioning. The task at hand was to overhaul their existing website, which no longer resonated with their target audiences nor reflected their brand values.

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