AB Sees ETFs like no other

AB Sees ETFs like no other

27 November 2023

Following the highly successful launch of AllianceBernstein's first ETFs in 2022, supported by our team's ‘On Active Duty’ campaign, this month has marked the introduction of a new campaign that spotlights AB's expanding range of funds and their expertise in discovering investment opportunities for their clients.

Not all asset managers perceive opportunities in the same way, but AB sees them clearly, understands their investors' needs, and discerns the intricacies through a well-established research-driven approach.

Our ETF campaign strategy leverages these distinctive qualities, ingeniously transforming ‘ABCs’ – a familiar human expression – into ‘AB Sees’ to underscore the firm's investment philosophy. This flexible and thoughtful concept comes to life through engaging vision-focused campaign headlines that resonate both at the brand and product levels.

With bold typography and eye-catching imagery aligned with the AB brand framework, the campaign concept is visually compelling. Our team also developed digital advertising assets and provided support to AB's team for content and user experience design on the campaign landing page.

The result is a campaign that is impactful and thought-provoking, equipping AB with a clear strategy to deliver brand and product-level messages to promote their ever-expanding range of ETF funds.

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