Age is just a number for Kelley Drye

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Age is just a number for Kelley Drye

25 September 2023

Law firm Kelley Drye, one of the oldest in the United States, has launched a refreshed visual identity and new website with help from the Living team.

Kelley Drye’s visual language has been crafted carefully to represent a creative and agile law firm – distinctive traits identified by talking at length with clients and lawyers throughout the discovery process.

At the heart of the new brand strategy sits a triangular grid that represents the multifaceted nature of the firm’s marquee practice areas and its commitment to providing cutting-edge but practical solutions. It’s a graphic element that is specifically designed to frame messaging, content and imagery and with a ‘volume switch’ allowing Kelley Drye to be as bold or conservative as it needs with different audiences.

The firm’s new website complements the visual identity with a clean typographic style, a vibrant colour palette and a proprietary image style that bring to life Kelley Drye’s value proposition, people, culture and thought leadership.

Kelley Drye’s refreshed visual identity and website are distinctive, flexible and above all, representative of a multifaceted and agile law firm with a rich history that’s well-positioned for the future.

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