Communicating SSGA's investment insight with confidence

Communicating SSGA's investment insight with confidence

13 December 2023

The launch of a global market outlook (GMO) marks an important milestone for all asset managers, with firms looking to provide investors and industry professionals with valuable perspectives on key market trends and investment opportunities for the coming year.

But how do asset managers stand out in a sea of sameness? How do they turn the volume up in a crowded and noisy market to get their viewpoint across?

This was State Street Global Advisors’ (SSGA) challenge, one that our team helped solve with impressive results. The solution was to create a creative strategy for the GMO that would work both at a macro ‘big theme’ level and for individual themes, and that would provide longevity beyond launch.

Positioning the pieces
Working with the title ‘Positioning the Pieces’ and the four investment themes of resilience, caution, action and positivity, we crafted an icon-based pattern for each – the ‘pieces’ that would form the foundation for our GMO strategy.

These visually compelling images are used thoughtfully to form the ‘0’ in 2024 and then across a wide range of impactful digital assets, paired with smart messaging, to help SSGA’s tell their investment story online with confidence.

Results matter
To date, the results for SSGA's GMO 2024 outreach have been remarkable, with impressions, click throughs and downloads of the report all dramatically increasing versus the 2023 report.

Our team’s inherent understanding of the financial services industry allowed them to create an approach that not only exudes confidence and delivers tangible results but also effectively communicates State Street Global Advisors' expertise and credibility.

Need a creative strategy for your insight?
Connect with one of our experts to find out how we can bring your thought leadership to life. Please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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