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Crafting a joined-up brand for Connectus

14 June 2023

Connectus Wealth believes that financial advisers do their best work when they can focus on just one thing: the financial well-being of their clients. This belief is why they built Connectus, a global collaboration of experienced client-centric financial advisers that help people build wealth, enjoy what they've worked hard for and leave a legacy they can be proud of.

Connectus turned to Living to help them create a brand to support this mission. A value proposition and visual language that needed to communicate the benefits of Connectus' unique and unconflicted partnership model, and the high quality care delivered by their advisers across the world.

Using Connectus' existing marque as a basis, our team created a new logo that communicated connectivity using thoughtful typography and colours, pairing it with a bespoke treatment for lifestyle images. We also designed and coded the firm's new website, bringing to life Connectus' brand story and services in an engaging digital-first manner, supported by first-class functionality.

The end result? A brand and digital experience that embodies Connectus' mission and values – one that speaks in a united voice to both adviser firms that want to join the network and their clients. A joined-up brand in every sense.

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