For business and life, a new brand story beckons for Cripps

27 June 2022

Brands succeed when they’re authentic. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be aspirational and ambitious as well. Establish a clearly defined brand – all that you can be for your clients – and work hard to align your complete client experience with that identity.

Following the merger between law firms Cripps and Pemberton Greenish in 2018, the company became known as Cripps Pemberton Greenish but planned to return to the original Cripps name once the full integration of the two firms had completed. What they hadn’t anticipated was how much the world and their business would change between 2018 and 2022. It was clear that in reverting to their shorter name, they also needed to refresh their brand and visual identity to reflect the firm as a unified, purpose-driven business.

We got to work at uncovering the brand truths of the firm by conducting a series of interviews and discovery workshops to identify and then articulate the many ways Cripps delivered purposeful value for its clients. Informed by the insights of both internal and external stakeholders and directed by the business ambitions of Cripps’ leadership, we developed a brand strategy that encompassed both verbal messaging and visual identity.

To make a difference, be different
Inspired by Cripps’ “pillars of purpose”, our messaging addressed the firm’s mix of “corporate and private” clientele, ensuring resonance and relevance for stakeholders ranging from large institutions to family businesses and ultra high net worth individuals as well as employees. Our deliverables included an overarching vision statement, tone of voice, keywords, and brand characteristics. We also crafted the propositions for each practice group, and a bold, new strapline: “Your lawyers for business and life.”

The new logo and visual identity, reinforced by new brand positioning and messaging, became the foundation for a new website – designed to create the right client experience, underscoring a new Cripps purpose-led brand strategy.

The new Cripps brand surfaced the firm’s human side – which stakeholders see as the willingness and ability to drive difference. This historic law firm now has a brand that will lead its ambition well into the future.

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