ETFs. Now we’re talking

ETFs. Now we’re talking

08 February 2023

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of AllianceBernstein’s (AB) actively-managed ETFs in 2022, we’ve launched the second phase of our campaign, focusing more specifically on their launch products: AB Tax Aware Short Duration Municipal ETF (TAFI) and AB Ultra Short Income ETF (YEAR).

Capitalising on the over-arching radiotelephony alphabet concept – representative of the noise in the ETF sector and being active – the headlines ‘OMG’ and ‘FOMO’ were crafted for maximum impact and to highlight the opportunity for investors in the current (exasperating!) markets.

Our goal was to shout about the opportunities of investing in short-duration bonds and play on the fear of missing out. Short-duration bonds are a popular asset class right now as investors can take advantage of higher rates from the short end of the yield curve, with less risk while rates continue to rise. AB’s first two ETF funds have been created to meet this exact challenge.

The ads are now in circulation across a range of digital publications targeting financial intermediaries.

'FYI.' Watch this space!

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