Gen Y, Gen Z? It’s all about Gen You

Gen Y, Gen Z? It’s all about Gen You.

02 March 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of our global marketing campaign for Mazars, bringing to life their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) which focuses on how the firm offers an augmented audit experience that goes beyond spreadsheets – one that contributes to the development of sustainable businesses, economies, and societies.

Across the professional services industry, there has been increased difficulty in attracting quality talent. Mazars, a leading international firm specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory and tax services, wanted to change the negative perceptions of auditing and make it attractive for young prospects, specifically 18- to 25-year olds.

Because the next generation of auditors at Mazars represents so much more than a combination of age brackets (Gen Y + Gen Z), we conceived the theme “Gen You” to label this energetic cohort responsible for transforming the auditing world.

The campaign has been implemented across a highly-targeted set of touchpoints, including films available on Mazars' careers platform, digital advertising and a social media toolkit and amplification guide. This enabled the firm’s global teams to localise and execute the campaign to effectively meet regional requirements and align with local cultures.

While delivering an audit specific message, the tone of our campaign is energetic, fun, digital-first and of course, authentic. Even the behind the scenes footage embodies the culture, comradery and work ethic intrinsic within Mazars.

Find out more about our work for Mazars' EVP.

Want to create an Employer Value Proposition?
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