Hard-working paid search strategy increases brand awareness

Hard-working paid search strategy increases brand awareness

29 July 2022

To support the launch of its new brand and website created by Living, UK law firm Cripps needed a campaign that would put them the top of mind for their target audience and, most importantly, at the top of Google search results.

Through extensive competitor and market research, our team identified the key objectives and developed a strategy that would deliver meaningful results.

Outbidding the competitors
The legal industry is one of the most competitive sectors on Google and legal services have some of the highest cost-per-clicks among all ads. The keywords ‘Lawyer’ and ‘Attorney’ are also among the top 10 most expensive search terms.

We began with tightening up the structure of the existing Google Ad account and focused on targeting high-intent terms we knew were highly likely to result in relevant traffic. We then started building the campaigns (including copywriting all ads) strategically to increase the relevancy between search term, keyword, ad, and landing page.

Through a thorough keyword targeting research exercise, we also identified gaps in competitor strategies and optimised the campaign daily to ensure the best use of our client’s budget.

Outstanding results
Over a 4-week period our thoughtful and active strategy delivered outstanding results. The click-through rate was 53% higher than the industry standard – 4.47% versus the industry benchmark of 2.93%.

In addition to this, we reduced the cost per click to 62% below the industry average – due to the rigorous restructuring of the account and the campaigns. The success of our efforts demonstrates just how important it is to ensure relevancy between search term, keyword, ad creative, and landing page.

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If you’d like to learn how Living can help you raise brand awareness through a highly targeted PPC campaign, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.