Living Ratings Law Firms: From Rankings to Revelation

Living Ratings of Law Firms 2024: From rankings to revelation

20 February 2024

Excitement is building among marketing professionals in the legal sector as the launch of this year's Living Ratings research report draws near.

On Tuesday, 9th April 2024, join us as Duncan Shaw, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Living, provides a deep dive into the brand and digital intelligence of the Top 100 leading global law firms. He'll also unveil this year’s Top 20, offering valuable insights into the standout firms in the industry.

Following Duncan's presentation, a panel discussion hosted by Kate Shaw, Living's CEO and featuring industry experts, Vanessa Montero (Hogan Lovells), Michelle Woodyear (Mount Insights, formerly of Covington) and Mikkel Keller Stubkjær (Novicell), will provide additional perspectives on the evolving landscape of legal branding and digital transformation.

After the virtual event, you'll be able to access the Living Ratings Law Firms Top 20 list on our website, with the full Top 100 report slated for release in May 2024.

Secure your complimentary spot today and gain a front-row seat to the future of legal branding. Register to attend here.

In the meantime, if you're interested in scheduling a meeting with our research and creative specialists to discuss how your firm can benefit from a bespoke Ratings analysis, please contact Mark Stephenson.

You can also download a copy of our full Living Ratings of law firms 2023 report here.

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