Meet your match. BRx Match

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Meet your match. BRx Match

15 September 2023

This week has seen the successful launch of BRx Match from Broadridge, an all-in-one cloud-based solution that solves both complex and simple financial data reconciliations for capital market clients.

Bringing our in-depth knowledge of this sector to the project, we worked closely with Broadridge to define the benefits of BRx Match from their target audiences’ perspective and craft a messaging platform to support its launch.

The opportunity
With global regulatory requirements and increasing transaction volumes, there’s a demand for greater operational efficiency and risk management from this target audience. As inaccurate information can cause settlement losses, trading errors and reputational damage.

BRx Match aims to dramatically reduce this risk by automating the entire reconciliation process to monitor, validate, enrich and match transaction data from the earliest point in the trade cycle through to final settlement.

Value proposition
Improved efficiency, business control, reducing risk and costs all came to the fore through workshops with our client, becoming the foundation for a succinct value proposition supported by information-rich messaging pillars for each benefit.

We then created the lead campaign message ‘The difference in reconciliation’ that communicates the fact that BRx Match users can quickly spot potential data inconsistencies before they become an issue.

Our messaging platform came to life through a short animation that would be used at Sibos 2023 in Toronto and across Broadridge’s website and social media channels to raise awareness of BRx Match.

How we can help
To learn how Living can help bring your product to market with highly targeted messaging, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.