Consumers expect a better digital experience

Survey says: Consumers expect a better digital experience

21 February 2023

For the second year in a row, Broadridge turned to Living to help launch its flagship report 'CX and Communications Insights', presenting the findings of an in-depth survey of 4,000+ consumers in the United States and Canada. The report sheds critical light on how companies are not sufficiently meeting the demand and expectations of consumers when it comes to a preferred digital experience.

Our client strategy team worked with Broadridge’s raw data, encompassing nearly 200 survey questions, in order to develop the key themes that would become the foundation of the 2023 report.

Data visualisation tells the story
Our design team developed a fresh digital-driven visual language for this year’s report, which would be carried across an online report experience, social media tiles and a webinar slideshow. The striking visual identity we created aligned with the firm’s new brand guidelines while bringing to life the all-important data in charts, graphs and text callouts.

Messaging goes beyond the numbers
With the key themes agreed, our strategists further analysed specific findings, writing several iterations of data synthesis, before crafting a final report in full collaboration with the Broadridge research and marketing team. Applying the Broadridge tone of voice, we ensured the messaging and language in the report and supporting assets were highly engaging. This content was elevated by our designers’ standout work on the colourful report, animated webinar presentation, dynamic online experience and digital advertising assets.

To support the report’s rollout, which began with a free webinar, Living crafted a series of social media posts and email communications, along with marketing materials for the Broadridge sales team.

As reiterated in the Broadridge survey itself, consumers expect clear and concise communications in our ever-evolving digital world. Living’s approach to the report’s visual and verbal language was driven by our proven insights on how to create a better experience for the audience.

How we can help
To learn how Living can help you improve your client engagement and experience with highly targeted messaging and design, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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