Tradeweb. Real-time means always on

Tradeweb. Real-time means always on

02 October 2023

A new dynamic campaign, created by the Living team in collaboration with the client, has launched for Tradeweb, a market-leading electronic trading platform where the buy side and sell side meet to access liquidity.

Tradeweb is a prominent global financial technology company that operates electronic marketplaces for trading a wide range of financial instruments. The company specializes in facilitating electronic trading across various asset classes, including fixed income, derivatives, ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and more. Their platforms are utilized by a diverse set of market participants, including institutional investors, banks, asset managers, hedge funds and other financial institutions.

Our challenge was to deliver a new global strategy and campaign that both promotes the brand and works on a product level.

We started with campaign messaging, seeking a proposition that communicated a momentum towards access and opportunity. Affirmation was also key, assuring the all-encompassing and confident nature of the services and products Tradeweb provides comes through. Bottom line: for their target market, Tradeweb is everything they need.

Visually this came to life with the creation of a bespoke Tradeweb graphic, an aperture that represents opportunity – used to focus the reader on delivery of  compelling messages and designed to animate through movement.

The result is an eye-catching campaign that resonates with the evolving needs of traders. The digital ads and landing page, including an animation, were all developed in support of the tagline 'It's All On Tradeweb,' emphasising the platform's role as a dynamic hub for all trading needs.

With a focus on accessibility, opportunity and inclusivity, the campaign aims to highlight Tradeweb's role as a bridge to a world of financial possibilities.

Find out more about our collaboration with Tradeweb.

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