The (brand) value of authenticity 14 March 2024

No longer are we B2B, we’re B2H… business to human. In fact, let’s take it a step further. We’re humans talking to other humans (at least for now).

In a market where firms struggle to differentiate – showing the human side of your organisation isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a game-changer. If you think about it – can a person feel truly connected to an organisation if they feel like they are being spoken to from a PR script or by a robot?

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LG Being Human
LG Premium Content V2

Place a premium on content 16 February 2024

Between you, your team and your many stakeholders, how much time did you invest in developing content in the last year, only to find it didn’t have the reach or impact you wanted?

It’s an all too frequent reality and one that you can’t afford when it comes to your premium content offerings. You want to get value from your investment and that means achieving tangible, actionable results.

Backed by robust research, written by professional writers, and produced with high-quality production values or an interactive tool, your premium content is not only insightful, but it also leaves the reader wanting more. It provides them with a perspective or viewpoint that they are not being offered elsewhere.

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Back to basics! The five SEO practices that still hold power in the AI era 18 January 2024

With the increase of AI in marketing, there are a lot of unknowns on the horizon. However, the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remain just as important.

In this article, we outline the top five SEO practices that marketers need to be mastering to improve their firm’s website's visibility and performance.

1. Getting the keywords right
There’s more to keyword research than just inserting keywords into your content; knowing your target audience’s search intent allows you to create content that meets their needs. These carefully chosen words and phrases, when strategically incorporated into your content, enhance the overall visibility of your online presence.

2. Creating helpful content
Always start by thinking about what’s genuinely helpful and engaging for your audience. There’s a good chance you might need to prioritise quality over quantity…

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SEOH View Jan 2024
Ten Predictions For AM Marketers 6 To 10

Predictions for asset management marketing: 6 to 10 05 December 2023

In the second part of our predictions for asset management marketing we look at subjects that include blockchain, sustainable investing and RegTech.

Here’s a speculative glimpse into what the future might hold with our next five predictions.

6. Blockchain and tokenisation
Blockchain technology will streamline processes like fund transfers, enhancing transparency, security and efficiency. Tokenisation will enable fractional ownership of assets, democratizing access to previously exclusive investment opportunities.

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Predictions for asset management marketing: 1 to 5 28 November 2023

As we peer into the future, it’s evident that a technological revolution will shape how people engage with asset managers, make investment decisions and interact with the financial landscape.

Here’s a speculative glimpse into what the future might hold with our first five predictions.

1. Advanced AI and data analytics
AI will play an even more central role in asset management, powering sophisticated algorithms for portfolio management, risk assessment and investment strategies. AI-driven predictive analytics will enable asset managers to anticipate market trends and investor behaviour with greater accuracy.

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Ten Predictions For AM Marketers 1To5
AI HI Views Image

Balancing artificial and human intelligence 14 November 2023

The asset management sector has witnessed a rapid evolution in recent years, largely driven by the integration of technology and digital solutions.

In this digital age, websites serve as virtual gateways to businesses, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool for personalising customer experiences and shaping user journeys.

However, amid the rise of AI, a pertinent question arises: will human intelligence and the human touch, which are crucial for brand enforcement and emotional connection, be overshadowed? How can we ensure the right balance between AI and human involvement in the context of customer personalisation, user journeys, brand enforcement and emotional connection?

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