SEO: The heart of your digital marketing strategy 05 May 2023

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to implement a focused search engine optimisation (SEO) plan as part of your overall digital marketing strategy; without one you risk missing out on valuable opportunities to convert prospects into clients. With organic search driving the majority of website traffic, SEO can increase website visibility, user traffic, conversion rate and return on investment (ROI). In addition, it can help you better manage content creation and learn more about the visitors to your site.

The most popular search engines rank websites using a comprehensive list of criteria, including keywords, content and backlinks. Websites that receive high scores in these categories are more visible to users and attract increased traffic. Firm’s that rank highly in organic search results are also viewed as more trustworthy; this results in increased brand awareness and credibility.

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Transform your digital strategy with a headless CMS 06 April 2023

In an increasingly digital world, marketers are constantly searching for innovative tools and solutions to gain an edge in the competitive market. One such game-changing technology is the headless Content Management System (CMS). This revolutionary system has gained traction across various industries, and it's high time that marketers harness its power to deliver seamless, personalised customer experiences.

But what is a headless CMS, and why should marketers be interested in learning about it? Here are four compelling reasons.

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What’s the story with law firm websites? 15 February 2023

How can a law firm better connect with clients through its website? First, think of them as what they are: people. 'Clients' are numbers and lists and spreadsheets. 'People' are an audience.

On your website, you want your brand to connect with your audience – and audiences love stories.

Why should a law firm resort to storytelling when its whole discipline is about facts and evidence and detail? Lawyers no doubt excel at the verbal skills needed to litigate and orate if not pontificate about their capabilities, cases and causes. But to connect with an audience, turn that linguistic dexterity into storytelling prowess by focusing on what your audience needs to know, wants to learn, and enjoys reading (and watching – because video is a powerful storytelling medium!).

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It's time to get real 13 September 2022

It’s safe to say that all consumers want the truth from the companies they deal with, engage with, and ultimately buy from. But do you realise that the younger generations – Gen X, Y, Z… and even Gen Alpha – want something more?

They want you to be ‘real’. In fact, they demand it. And they have the power – the purchasing and voting power – to do just that.

It’s one thing for a brand to be honest – you must be. But that’s only your starting point. If you want to truly engage with these consumers, you need a different, less traditional, mindset when it comes to your brand.

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Law firms: Social with strategy 16 August 2022

While many firms today leverage the major social media channels and provide links on their homepage, few show evidence of following a true social media strategy. Too often the same content from a firm’s website – primarily from their news and insights section – is  simply posted across all their active channels, and usually at the same time. Using social media to mirror website content is neither adequate nor effective, and does not qualify as a strategy.

The problem
Every social channel has a different type of relationship with its audience. A marketer needs to be sensitive to this when planning where and when to engage that audience – and with what type of messaging. A prospective business client does not engage with LinkedIn and Twitter in the same way they engage with Instagram and Facebook, for example. Videos are incredibly engaging – but there’s a big difference between YouTube and TikTok. Marketers should develop channel specific strategy that complement each other to form a single integrated social media strategy.

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Law firms: Build human connections 10 August 2022

Showing a softer, more human side has been a challenge for law firms even dating back to a time before websites existed. This problem has persisted into the digital age. It’s understood that firms need to present a buttoned-up, professional image. However, it’s also important to present a softer, more human perspective. The two are not mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, many firm websites rely on cookie-cutter design and content structure. With a focus on news, press releases and thought leadership, the people at the firm often take a backseat.

The problem
The fact that the ‘humanity gap’ persists is due in no small part to the ineffective presentation of the people who embody the firms. The most obvious place to build human connections is through a firm’s people landing page. Yet, so many contain nothing more than a simple search function for locating attorney biographies; the pages feature poor headshots and profiles that are littered with bullet points and devoid of personality.

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