Predictions for asset management marketing: 1 to 5 28 November 2023

As we peer into the future, it’s evident that a technological revolution will shape how people engage with asset managers, make investment decisions and interact with the financial landscape.

Here’s a speculative glimpse into what the future might hold with our first five predictions.

1. Advanced AI and data analytics
AI will play an even more central role in asset management, powering sophisticated algorithms for portfolio management, risk assessment and investment strategies. AI-driven predictive analytics will enable asset managers to anticipate market trends and investor behaviour with greater accuracy.

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Ten Predictions For AM Marketers 1To5
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Balancing artificial and human intelligence 14 November 2023

The asset management sector has witnessed a rapid evolution in recent years, largely driven by the integration of technology and digital solutions.

In this digital age, websites serve as virtual gateways to businesses, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool for personalising customer experiences and shaping user journeys.

However, amid the rise of AI, a pertinent question arises: will human intelligence and the human touch, which are crucial for brand enforcement and emotional connection, be overshadowed? How can we ensure the right balance between AI and human involvement in the context of customer personalisation, user journeys, brand enforcement and emotional connection?

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X leaves us questioning Y 12 September 2023

After a brand launch, whether it’s a refresh, or revolution, there’s one question you don’t want your audience to ask… Why? Leave your audience in no doubt why you’ve changed.

Change without progress
Change. It’s happening a lot in the design world. But, is the need for change a reaction to peers changing, a necessity to revitalise a tired brand or reflective of a step-change in the business? Whatever the reason, a rebrand needs to stand for progress, not a perfunctory exercise.

Everything Must Go?
Really? Even if it ain't broke’? We’re finding now more than ever that rebrands don’t always start from scratch.

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Article XY
Jack Of All Trades

Law firms. Jack of all trades? 22 August 2023

Most law firms are proud of their lengthy list of sectors and services, and justifiably so. Having experts on offer that can handle virtually any legal challenge thrown at them is something that demanding clients want and expect when shopping for legal services.

However, when it comes to most firms’ digital footprint, many struggle to communicate their areas of strength effectively to target audiences and end up driving them away.

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Law firms and the 'B' word 09 August 2023

The ‘B’ word or ‘Brand’ is all too often considered solely the aesthetic part of marketing or even avoided and feared by law firm marketers who are afraid to tackle the issue in a partnership structure.

While we understand that it can be a daunting prospect to address your firm’s brand, it is inexcusable to ignore it. Doing so can cause long-term damage to your firm with brand savvy modern consumers. However, if done properly, a new or refreshed brand can help your firm stand out in a crowded and largely homogenised marketplace and solidify relationships with clients, your lawyers and potential employees. And we can help you do it properly.

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The B Word
AM Beyond The Numbers

Beyond the numbers: How brand influences asset manager selection 14 June 2023

Some might assume that when selecting an asset manager, the decision boils down simply to numbers. That assumption is incorrect. In fact, the numbers reflect a more nuanced process that involves a myriad of factors. Our recent survey of 100 C-suite individuals in the financial services and insurance sectors in the U.S. revealed that a variety of factors affect the selection of an asset manager. These results only serve to reinforce the recommendations in our recent Living Ratings that asset management firms must embrace the opportunity to stand out in a sector where so many brands are indistinguishable from each other.

The value in sharing your values
The most eye-opening result of the survey was that respondents were nearly unanimous in believing that brand plays a crucial role in distinguishing asset management firms from their competitors with 98% stating that they either 'agreed' or 'strongly agreed.' Our research showed that only 58% of asset managers state their brand positioning on their home page and only 43% have a distinctive visual language. This result should encourage those firms on the wrong side of those figures to take steps toward establishing a brand identity that is unique or risk letting prospective clients elect to take their business to a competitor that already has.

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