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Feeling in the dark about Dark Mode?

13 October 2021

The latest website enhancement to catch people’s attention is Dark Mode, a smart, user-friendly option that Living has been highlighting to our clients for over the past year, along with other ADA-based requirements and recommendations.

Quite simply, Dark Mode allows your website visitors to choose a dark background with lighter colours for any text. It has been found that viewing darker backgrounds helps to reduce eye strain from the blue light of computer screens – something people have become more conscious of with the proliferation of online, virtual meetings.

In addition to eye strain, blue light has been identified as a culprit in preventing people from being able to fall sleep when they spend too much screen time just before bedtime. By switching a website design's contrast ratio, Dark Mode can be beneficial to viewers – but we recommend that it be used as an option, not as a default setting.

The advantage of the Dark Mode option is seen as another step in creating a truly personalised experience when your target audience visits your website. Customising a website’s style sheet and creating an adaptive presentation mode are just two of the client-first procedures that Living’s in-house digital team takes when building new sites or refreshing existing sites for our clients.

Ultimately, there’s nothing mysterious about Dark Mode. Just smart tools working for your clients.

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