Law firms: Create substantive content

Law firms: Create substantive content

02 August 2022

Too many firms have home pages that are devoid of client-first, business-focused content. A visitor to the page is generally presented with a massive image and an accompanying headline that links more often than not to an ‘all about us’ news item. Highlighting the presentation of a single relevant news story is fine, but not when it completely dominates the homepage and results in the user having to scroll down in order to see more content.

The problem
While producing thought leadership is important, not enough thought leadership content is distinct from what other firms are producing. Making matters worse, finding the content is often an arduous task, requiring the user to waste too much time navigating around the site. The landing page for thought leadership pieces often presents an overwhelming amount of information that can be difficult to sort because of insufficient filters.

The opportunity
Creating thought leadership that stands out is essential, but it’s not enough to have great content. It also needs to be presented in a way that makes it easy for a visitor from each target audience to identify and consume the most relevant content. We encourage firms to put more time and effort into devising a comprehensive content strategy that focuses on client needs.

Articles, podcasts, videos, blogs, and events that can be sorted by category allow the visitor to quickly drill down to the most relevant topics and quickly find information on point. In addition, there needs to be a strategy for distributing content through social media channels as well as newsletters and client alerts.

It's crucial that presentation of content adheres to brand guidelines. Blogs and articles should have a consistent structure and flow; videos and presentations should adhere to firm-approved templates that employ distinct brand visuals. There also needs to be a clear and consistent tone of voice across all channels. Investing the time to create and distribute a thorough set of brand guidelines, a tone of voice guide, and a set of templates for internal and external presentations will enhance content and strengthen the brand. 

One of the most infrequently used elements also happens to be the most obvious way for a firm to differentiate itself – an online tool. A strong online tool walks the user through a series of questions with detailed guidance and definitions of key terms that might not be obvious. Upon completion, the user can read the determination made from the answers along with a list of lawyers who specialize in the area or fill out a form with contact information to which a report is sent. A surprisingly small number of firm websites leverage this functionality, and this is a lost opportunity to stand out. Firms that implement online tools that allows the user to get tailored recommendations and actionable information will offer a more engaging experience and will be ahead of their peers.

The solution
Speak to one of our law firm experts to find out how we can help you create substantive and highly effective content. Contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.



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