Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 2

Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 2. Authenticity

22 April 2021

In the second of our 'Opportunity knocks for law firms' series, we talk about authenticity and what impact this has on the legal sector.

2020 was arguably the year of authenticity as the planet shifted on its axis and we all had to change and adapt. We’ve seen the interior of all our colleagues and clients’ homes, met their children and pets and politely told everyone that they are on mute at some point.

Our point is that it’s now time for law firms to align their brands and digital presence with the new world and there’s a great opportunity to create something that’s genuine and real without being contrived. Start with your firm’s brand values and check whether they are still valid and relevant. If not, refine and develop them and let them become the foundation for your new brand.

When it comes to content, it’s time to get real. For example, ESG content (environmental, social and governance) is prevalent in so many other corporate sectors and has a relatively low presence in the legal industry (55% according to our data in the Living Ratings of law firms 2021).

Through our research we know that your clients are looking for this content and potentially will not do business with you if you don’t demonstrate how this influences your business strategy, process and culture. The same goes for diversity and inclusion and gender-related content.

Duncan Shaw, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Living Group

This article was first published in the Living Ratings of law firms 2021.

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