What’s the story with law firm websites?

What’s the story with law firm websites?

15 February 2023

How can a law firm better connect with clients through its website? First, think of them as what they are: people. 'Clients' are numbers and lists and spreadsheets. 'People' are an audience.

On your website, you want your brand to connect with your audience – and audiences love stories.

Why should a law firm resort to storytelling when its whole discipline is about facts and evidence and detail? Lawyers no doubt excel at the verbal skills needed to litigate and orate if not pontificate about their capabilities, cases and causes. But to connect with an audience, turn that linguistic dexterity into storytelling prowess by focusing on what your audience needs to know, wants to learn, and enjoys reading (and watching – because video is a powerful storytelling medium!).

A “What’s in it for me?” world
Every story you tell should provide relevant information about your firm and the advantages it offers. But the keyword is relevant. Make sure the topic you choose to focus on matters to the audience. And no, not every story will matter to every person, but if they see that you’re telling stories about how you serve, provide value, and solve problems, then they’ll credit you for understanding what visitors are looking for on a website.

Our recent Living Ratings of Law Firms revealed that less than a third of law firms describe their brand positioning on the home page of their website. What a lost opportunity! Your home page is where you need to begin to tell your story. When an audience understands who the storyteller is and the perspective to be offered, then they’ll choose to lean in and listen up.

Be characterful not characterless
“In the legal industry, we find that most firms struggle to differentiate themselves in any shape or form,” noted Greg Hobden, Living’s Chief Client Officer. “Oftentimes, they treat their websites like legal documents. We help them bring clarity, personality, and authenticity to their digital presence by focusing on telling the story of their brand. We do that with their brand positionings and brand values, and we pay particular attention to the right tone of voice and messaging.”

For marketers, the beauty in storytelling lies in the desire for people not only to hear or read or watch a good story, but to share it. Wouldn’t you want a visitor to your website to enjoy learning about your law firm, then turn around and share that information with others? Storytelling leads to brand building because storytelling leads to message amplification.

Find your voice
If you’d like to learn how we can help your find your voice and tell your story, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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