CFA institute

Growing a CEO's online personal profile

The challenge

CFA Institute, the global association for investment management professionals, seeks to promote the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. Living was tasked with building the visibility of the CEO & President through LinkedIn & Twitter, with campaign messaging that underpinned the values of this membership organisation.

The solution

We went back to brand basics and ‘lightened, brightened and tightened’ the CEO’s biography to read in the first person and created bespoke social media tiles (in line with brand guidelines) to distinguish the posts in people’s social feeds. Our content strategy was two-fold; first we identified key messages from past and future presentations that were made by the CEO, allowing us to draft posts that would drive conversation and engagement, globally. And secondly, video, which played a significant role in the campaign. From a single, one-hour filmed interview addressing key industry topics (that we identified), Living directed, edited and generated content for 28 short-form videos, as well as drafting supporting text to accompany the video posts.

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The result

The nine-month campaign exceeded expectation. An additional 19,389 followers and 14,680 connections achieved on LinkedIn, exceeding the KPI of 100 connections a week by 360%.

Sixty LinkedIn posts collectively received 12,205 likes and 922 shares, with a 363% increase in engagement with posts. Similarly, Twitter engagement increased by 120% and 2,707 followers.

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