Clara Pensions

Creating a positive effect for Clara Pensions


Clara Pensions is a first-to-market defined benefit solution that solves a complex problem by bringing multiple company schemes together in one new scheme and running it more efficiently for individual members. As a new fresh and unrivalled entity, Clara Pensions needed a brand identity that reflected the game changing dynamic of their concept and expressed the positivity of outcomes for members and businesses.

Clara_1130x788 5.jpg


We engaged in a discovery session with Clara Pensions to unearth essential information to guide our creative process. This revealed an aim to amplify the positivity that Clara Pensions would deliver in a way that was reliable and reassuring to the target audiences. We subsequently developed a concept that worked around ‘The Clara Effect’, which offers innovative solutions surrounding the complex defined benefits pension world and has a positive effect on all involved.

Clara_1130x788 3.jpg

Our creative concept worked around turning a negative to a positive. The logo is designed with a stylised ‘C’ formed of two combining parts that play with negative space to represent the protective aspect and the positive effect. This further inspired the visual identity where we created a set of warm gradients and cool colours that would work as overlays with imagery that projected positive life experiences to create connections with the member’s everyday reality.

Clara_1130x788 4.jpg


The new visual identity gives Clara Pensions a confident brand purpose and further supports the positive shift in defined benefits pension management. Whilst it is still early days, Clara Pensions has enjoyed an increase in digital engagement through its social media channels and new website.