An authentic and intelligent brand refresh for Covington


Covington, a global law firm, approached Living to refresh their visual brand identity and to redesign the user experience (UX) and interface design of their global website.

With target audiences comprising the c-suite of some of the most regulated sectors, it’s not only the client experience that is a huge differentiator for Covington. What also sets the firm apart is the ability to combine the tremendous strength in their litigation, investigations, and corporate practices with their deep knowledge of policy and policymakers as one of the world’s leading regulatory practices. Furthermore, the collaborative culture at the heart of Covington enables the firm to create novel solutions for their clients’ most complex problems and deliver commercially viable advice of the highest quality.

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It was exactly this sophistication, measured approach and intelligence that was critical for Living to reflect in the visual brand refresh and the new website design. From the outset, it was clear that we needed to take the brand components and enhance the overall design system by rethinking the usage of typeface, colour usage and approach to imagery to reinforce the Covington brand.

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Our design solution focused on the concept of collaboration through idea sharing as a means of accomplishing a common goal and invoking the foresight to help predict what clients will need in the future. We introduced a continuity graphic to depict the firm's collaboration and foresight by expressing their brand personality as being smart, formal, and thoughtful, operating with an underlying sense of gravitas.

Following a content audit of the existing site, we set about challenging the UX to ensure the updated site would become a truly personalised web experience for Covington’s audiences. Working in partnership with the inhouse design team and the firm’s incumbent web development agency, we undertook a meticulous wireframing process. With a robust strategy to work from, the refreshed brand was then applied to the interface design ready for handover to the web developers.

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The refreshed brand and website is now live, and it expresses Covington’s story more effectively, with increased visibility of their industry-leading content, helping to create a digital-first experience to better reach their target markets.

See the new brand and website at

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