Aligning progressive technology with human intelligence


Quantumrock is an asset management firm who is at the forefront of a massive shift towards fully machine-powered trading solutions. Over the last four years the firm has established a proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform enabling them to enter the global market stage with institutional clients across Asia, Europe and the US.

Following a rename, from Rise to QuantumRock, the company saw their target audiences wanting to explore AI and machine learning investment technologies. It was time to bring clarity to their external proposition and brand. 

QR Logo Before After Master


Living’s journey started with discovery workshops held with the leadership team and employees in Munich to establish who they were, what they offered and why they were genuinely different. Through these discussions we unearthed a next generation asset manager with a purist focus on artificial intelligence, augmented by the intellectual capital of their experts.

The creative process started with defining the brand strategy, crafting the proposition messaging and authentic brand values for the firm – a platform from which we would propel all future communications and their new brand identity. We were also inspired by the client’s appetite for change: they didn’t want to sound or look like a typical financial services firm.

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With the usual clichéd financial services brands far from our minds, our goal was to create a far more distinctive, progressive and technology-focused visual identity and brand story that captures the firm’s unique scientific mindset.

A brand marque was crafted that represents the motion and intelligence of the proprietary artificial intelligence that defines Quantumrock. Dynamic angular forms working in synergy with one another form the basis of a visual identity that depicts the motion and volatility in the financial markets. This flexible solution brings a consistent aesthetic across their investor relations suite and is integral in the design of their digital experience. 

QR Case Study 1130X788 05


As a pure AI specialist, Quantumrock’s driving force places them as one of the leaders in reshaping the asset management industry for the long term. And, now with a distinctive brand identity to not only reflect their brand promise of providing ‘Asset management with an edge’ it, perhaps most importantly, confidently underlines the company’s future growth.

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