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Strategy, change and impact online for law firm Reed Smith


Reed Smith launched their current site within a speedy 7-month period back in 2017. However, unfortunately it was not well received by either clients or partners, who felt it was hard to navigate and lacked a cohesive content strategy.

Although the website was far from giving it ‘the big, I am’, in certain jurisdictions, where the firm was not so well known, it was “not helping on the ground”: it needed to do a better job of clearly articulating the who, what and why of the firm. Our challenge was to unpack all these issues and develop a roadmap for remediation as well as ongoing improvement.

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We started with a full digital diagnostic of the site and interviewed clients and partners, which allowed us to identify the critical areas of concern. Using the insight gleaned, which we sensitively played back to the business, we then prioritised next actions that included everything from quick fixes to longer-term wholesale change.

Top of the list of enhancements was the navigation system (IA) and the home page. We onboarded the internal audiences with a more streamlined IA and UX of the home page, which expedited the redesign and coding of the front-end pattern library, ready for handover to the firm’s incumbent Sitecore agency.

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Reed Smith’s home page has been transformed into a clear and intuitive online experience without destroying the integrity of as a content-led digital destination. We are continuing to provide strategic, creative and web development services on a retained basis, advising Reed Smith on how to make the most from their digital footprint.

And the story continues…
Living has led numerous digital diagnostic programmes for leading global firms, such as AB, Bird & Bird, DLA Piper, NN Investments, Pictet Asset Management and Russell Investments. You can find out more about what our deep-dive diagnostics include here

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