Create. Living's pro bono partner for 2023

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Create. Living's 2023 pro bono partner

15 February 2023

We are very proud to announce that our pro bono partner for 2023 is Create (Arts), a fantastic award-winning UK charity that uses creative arts to connect, empower, inspire and up-skill society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, raising aspirations, building self-esteem, reducing isolation and enhancing wellbeing.

Our exciting challenge will be to help Create increase their impact and reach in the UK through a strategic and targeted campaign, supported by cut-through creative and messaging, targeting corporate firms and high net-worth individuals.

The entire Living team will be rolling up their sleeves to get involved as part of our 'Creating difference' commitment, and we've already kicked off the process with our first briefing session with the fabulous Create team. Watch this space to see how our journey progresses together.

Since Living's formation, we've worked with organisations that include Spitalfields City Farm, Christ Church School and Partners, using the power of creativity for good.

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