Creating lasting impact through creativity

Creating lasting impact through creativity

20 September 2023

Create is an award-winning charity that aims to empower disadvantaged individuals, reduce loneliness and isolation, and improve overall wellbeing through creative arts programs throughout the UK.

And these live programs, led by professional artists, provide children and adults with the opportunity to express themselves, learn new skills, connect with others, and benefit from various artistic mediums such as music, dance, painting, photography, and drama.

Inspired by their impactful work and with creativity being at the heart of everything we do, Living selected Create as our pro bono partner for 2023.

Committed to ‘Creating Difference’
Create challenged Living to create a campaign that could effectively engage corporate firms and high net worth individuals, encouraging them to provide long-term support and form partnerships with the charity.

The creative concept we developed, ‘Create Impact', increases recognition of the charity by incorporating its name in a meaningful way and highlights the transformative power of creativity in participants' lives. The word 'Impact' not only represents the positive change brought about by creativity but also incorporates the letters 'ACT', emphasising the importance of taking action.

Through authentic, real-life reportage images supplied by Create, powerful headlines and strategic digital marketing tactics, our campaign seeks to inspire and engage potential donors by showcasing the value of supporting Create's work and the intangible benefits it brings to participants' lives.

With the campaign launching in late September, we anticipate it will initiate meaningful conversations that ultimately drive long-term support and foster partnerships for the charity.

A sustainable way of Living
As a responsible corporate citizen, Living looks to support and promote suitable social and environmental programs beneficial to the communities where we work and live. Find out more.

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