Hausfeld. For the challenge

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Hausfeld. For the challenge

20 April 2021

We are delighted to reveal the launch of our new brand for Hausfeld, a pioneering, bold and pragmatic law firm that clients around the world trust with their most complex legal disputes and competition matters.

Our challenge was to close the gap between Hausfeld’s current brand and its current status and success. The firm had grown incredibly fast over the past 13 years, which meant that they needed help in telling their story externally and internally. They needed a new brand that would reflect the true personality of firm and communicate who they are, what they do and why it matters to their target audiences.

Hausfeld’s cutting-edge mindset, their deep disputes expertise, positive results-driven culture and market-leading position, all came to the fore and became the foundation for the firm’s brand strategy. This manifested itself as succinct purposeful messaging, from tangible brand values through to value proposition statements and a new tone of voice. We also created a brand tagline –  For the challenge – representing Hausfeld’s tenacious and pioneering approach.

Throughout our discovery, we heard Hausfeld described as 'thoughtfully bold' – two opposing characteristics that we that we brought to life in their visual brand. Using this principle and the ‘H’ from their newly designed logo, we crafted an identity that brought this message to life through a series of bespoke eye-catching and thought-provoking images.

Hausfeld’s new brand has now been activated across a wide range of external and internal marketing materials and collateral, including a new website – scoped, designed and built by our team – that helps the firm’s target audience, wherever they are in the world, understand who the firm is, what they do and why it should matter to them.

Find out more by reading the Hausfeld case study.

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