Keeping up the pace. Living Ratings of professional services firms 2021

Living Ratings of professional services firms 2021. Who's setting the pace?

07 July 2021

Today saw the launch of our 30th edition of Living Ratings, our proprietary research focused on the brand and digital intelligence of the UK’s leading professional services firms 2021.

The live webinar was hosted by Greg Hobden, Living’s UK Managing Director. His presentation started with the reveal of the Top 20 firms in our Ratings. Greg then went on to highlight statistics and trends for 2021, examples of best-in-class client centric content and UX, before ending the first part of the session with an overview of the key opportunities that professional services firms should be focusing on right now, to improve their brand and digital intelligence.

The session then turned to a panel discussion where marketing specialists from Crowe UK and Grant Thornton UK, joined Greg to discuss the Ratings findings. Moderated by Cameron Webb, Living’s Client Strategy Director, the panel shared key learnings from the past year, that are helping to shape their priorities for the future.

Download our Living Ratings Top 20. Watch the webinar.

Please note: the full Living Ratings UK professional services firms report, which details the scores and rankings of the Top 50 UK professional services, will be published on 29thJuly 2021.

In the meantime, if you would like to discuss where your firm has ranked and the analysis behind the score, please contact Mark Stephenson to arrange a meeting.

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